Thursday, 2 February 2006

Why and when

I only started this blog in Nov 08 so I will have to back date as much as I can so it all should fall into place as the real-time journey

I remember seeing one when I was about 10, WOAH COOL... were my thoughts..

Then when I had got my first car, I was behind one blue with stripes for about a mile of traffic in the summer. I cant explain that feeling of wanting drive that car the way it looked and sounded.

It wasn't till I was about 20 when I got chatting about cobras with a chap I work with, Vic Hammond who did a lot of drag racing back in the day. He deserves a mention cos he was the one that sparked the idea of building one and told me what to look out for. Chatting to him again in 2001, he handed me an old copy of kit car magazine that had an article on Gardner Douglas. My background being assembling Camera cranes and ride on cranes, I had acquired an eye for structural design and the chassis did tick a lot of the boxes.Browsing the GD site I noticed they had an open day so I took a trip up and had my first ride in one and it was Rob's Supercharged monster, superb ride and stuck to the corners like....
I cant put into words how exhilarating that ride felt.
2001 GD Open Day.

I have done a sky dive since and that was tame compared.
So it was time to start saving and planing. I was living in a flat so no chance of starting then.

Over the next few years I joined the Cobra Replica Club, visited Dax, and Pilgrim but the GD seed was firmly planted.

I have no planed end date, no planed budget just buy as I build and as funds allow.