Saturday, 1 September 2007

More sanding and polishing

Spent May and a bit of July and August slowly doing the tedious things.
First time round I went a bit too aggressive with the wet n dry on the doors so even after polishing, they still showed some scratches. I'm sure it wouldn't show in the sunlight, but I wasn't happy with my work.
I also saw some little bits that niggled me on various bits of the body that I just had to deal with.
Comes out nice eventually.EDIT: Just to add, you may find some drips and Runs of Gel coat on some places of the body. I found after trying to sand them, although stuck and dried on, they have not bonded to the skin. A firm but BLUNT edge will knock them off. I used a leg of a blade fuse flat side to remove the odd one and a larger bit of 5mm Blunted plate to remove clusters of them but find something that wont catch and scratch. You can use a finger nail on thinner runs. I figured this out after sanding 3 down to find that near the end they came off leaving a shiny dot in the middle of a sanded patch.