Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Bit more homework

Going through the parts list and adding together a load of bits for the next step. Lets just say, GD price list and a calculator really don't mix!
Nearly fell off my chair!

No darling it wont be much... gulp...hehehe!

But I'm a strong believer in getting what you pay for. So it looks like its going to be the Euro Chassis in the New Year chaps! :D
This will enable me to carry on, get engine in, plumb everything up.
May have to hold off on the AP brakes though, lol

Then all that will be left to save up for it the interior, leather, roll bars and other bits I don't need just yet.
Time to pull finger out now :)

Monday, 1 December 2008

Next Step

One of the reasons it has taken me this long is getting the funds together for the next big bit. Hence the reason I have taken my time so far.
Buying as you build is one of the great things with building your own car.

I plan to get the chassis and all the bits I need for it to get it to the stage of putting the engine in early next year.

So plenty to do.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dam DIY projects

June to November has been DIY time.

We decided it was time to upgrade the kitchen after being here 3 years.
So, ....Finding a new kitchen, buying, stripping the old one and finding the plaster is falling off ALL the walls, being messed about by plasterers and chippies and fitting the kitchen and cloak room with tiling took 5 months in total!
I was doing all the kitchen upgrade (apart from the wiring, Plastering and central heating).
But DIY always leads you into other rooms..... so yes 5 'kin months. Did my nut in but !

 Yes I was just expecting a small amount of dust to come away with the tiles, not sections of wall!

Well pleased and worth the effort.
Back to the garage now.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Workbench & Engine Storage

Didn't realise how lucky I was when I made my workbench. Not thinking about any engine in the beginning, the measurements of 6ft X 3ft x 1m high seemed like a good area to work on. Also I made it easy to move. Top just drops into the frame.
This now seems a prefect height and length to fit the engine and gearbox under without air filter which mine came without. Just made a little castor dolly for the gearbox as I nearly shat myself lifting it..
All tucks in there out the way and covered.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Bonnet Scoop

I decided to tackle this next. Marking up the bonnet to finds it centre and then 3" from the windscreen edge to the centre of the first screw. I measured up the Scoop and worked out from photos of other cars how many holes and where on the lip to drill the holes.Running masking tape between the scoop and bonnet I found to help hold it in place and prevent any accidental scratches. Once I was happy with its position a bit of decent gaffer tape held it in place while I drilled the holes.

Next was to cut the hole in the bonnet. Used some insulation tape to mark the hole edge and then armed myself with an angle grinder.I filled the gap with some Black polyurethane sealant and lightly clamped it to hold its natural shape.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Fuel Tank

Fitting of the sender requires you to drill out some fixing holes and do a little filing.
With the idea of swarf getting inside the tank and possibly not being to flush it all out. I came up with a cunning plan! Blue Peter style! all you need is a cable tie, some tape, and a muffin cup.As the tank skin is a nice thickness and stainless, I decided to carefully tap the fixing holes out to 5mm.

The fuel sender was shortened and adjusted to clear the baffles inside. I checked its full range with a multimeter outside and noted its resistance range from full to empty, placed it into the tank still connected to multimeter and rolled the tank to move the float through its range. All matched and nothing fouled.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Directing hot air

The heater has 2 outlets and the car uses 4 vents. 2 for the screen and 2 for the footwells.
I had to make up 2 splitters, so I used some bathroom waste pipe,
Cut 2 45 deg so that it divides the air equally
 Air in from the top bit should split evenly.

and glued them together.
Painted them, but they will never bee seen.