Thursday, 26 March 2009

Alternator Refurb

Keeping busy.The alternator had seen better days, so I decided to strip it down and clean it up.
Lucky I realised that the coil is fixed/screwed to the back casting and the rotor slides out from the bearing housing by holding the rotor shaft and tapping the coil edge down with a rubber mallet.

Spent a couple of hours with a Dremel and wire wheels. Unfortunately the wires on my wheel were more at home flying off into my jumper and itching/prickling me. lol
Shame, as it didn't make much of an improvement on the castings, only took off some of the surface corrosion but left some areas needing shot blasting. As it is cast Ally I decided against that route.
So I cleaned them up as best I could with break cleaner and sprayed them sliver.

The centre coil was cleaned up with a flap wheel, masked and painted black.
Looks a lot better.
When re assembling there is a small hole to insert a small allen key to hold back the brushes when re fitting the rotor into its bearing housing.
Now I just need to find where to get a new pulley.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Side Vents

To do list is running out. I decided to temp fit the side vents. The vents needed a little fine adjustments on the grinder to a couple of corners to allow them to sit inside the space.
For those who are wondering, they are vent holes for the heater.

M3 button heads were used with nuts on the inside. I had previously made some spacers out of black plastic. (Pics to follow)Same on other side.They are only temp fitted but look gooooooood!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Filler cap & breather pipe

Circle cutter. £3.50 eBay purchase, very useful tool to the collection.
Rubber gasket made to fit perfectly.
The tap eventually arrived, eBay pot luck with sellers dispatch time.
As I had set the position of the filler with the lid, I roughly marked where the breather would go.
Taking note where the locking cap fits and how much clearance is needed, you cant afford to allow the fitting to enter too far into the filler opening.

Breather fitting Supplied by GD. Tapered thread taped out with a 1/8 NPTF tap and Q size drill. I worked this out to be 8.6mm drill.
I remember Andy suggesting fitting a grub screw to stop anyone just undoing the filler lid and preventing it undoing during travel. Doubt it would but wont hurt. 3mm Grub.
Got 25' of 3/16" copper brake pipe from....... yes you guessed it, for £8 opposed to £18 from my local motor spares shop. For some reason I remember someone advising me to add a loop/trap to help stop fumes or spillage but will let it breathe. Plenty of room so why not. Someone can add a comment if there is any advantage to doing this as I can't quite remember.
I exited it out on the inside of the wheel arch as I would imagine if it went out behind the wheel (straight down), spray could find its way into the tank possibly.