Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bell housing

Yet a bit more cleaning.

As part of my engine purchase package was a steel shatter proof bell housing. With the flywheel spinning next to my legs, I was happy to take it. Not something that usually goes wrong but good to know you have it just in case.
I found a local metal platers to re plate my bell housing. 4 days later and only a tenner.

Not the best of before pics, but I keep forgetting sometimes to take a before photo. I took it to the platers to quote on it and then left it there for that price.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Dials & GD customer service

The problem is that the print on the dials look smudged / over spray from a stencil or the ink was too wet. I have seen other cars where this isn;t the case and the lettering looks crisp.
This was something I kept meaning to bring up with GD, but kept forgetting until the weekend when I thought I'll make a start and trial fit the dials. I then remembered!
I know, I should have checked when I collected... hay ho...

I had some other things to discuss with Andy first, in regards to my next order and the new 99dB exhaust system. (Interestingly, the new exhaust system will exit at the rear further apart (More period look) to accommodate a bigger silencer mounted widthways. There should be a car like this at the show. Will get some pics.)
I bought this up and did say that I got them a while ago but haven't fitted or used them yet. Andy was very understanding, incredibly helpful and offered to send them back to the manufacturer.
To save me shipping them to him, I will give them to him at the Stoneliegh show next weekend.
Maybe I'm being a little picky, but in my eyes its all down to the detail. And they aint cheap.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Engine spring clean.

As I had great success with the alternator, I thought I'd spend a few days having a little tidy up of the engine.
The EFI rails were a little dull and there were a few spots of corrosion on the inlet manifold.
EFI system was all added after Ken at EDA had rebuilt and Dynoed the engine on carb set up, so the EFI part was a little dirtier than the new clean block.

First to get some TLC was the Throttle body. This was to come off and the first to balls up.I thought it would be easier to clean if I removed the butterfly flaps. The first screw started to undo then near the end it seized and sheared off. BUGGER. I only then realised that the threads must be modified so they can't fall out and get into the engine. I managed to drill out the remains of the thread and find out what size screw it is from the Cobra club forums. 6/32 UNC thread. Lucky I have a great bolts store close by.
That replaced and the screwdrivers put away, I continued to clean it up.There was some corrosion that I couldn't get off as it was in small gaps, wire brush couldnt get to.
I had also failed on the inlet manifold with the brushes. So I started searching for tips online.
I tried Wonder Wheels but wasn't much use on corrosion, then few days later I found a company that sell Alu-Bright. Its designed for cleaning corroded cast ali. (Just what I needed) Its strong acid and pretty nasty, but it did the trick. A final wire brush brought it up to a shine.
The injector holes were bunged up with rag and then siliconed over.

The EFI fuel rail was polished up with some Autosol and re fitted. Now the rocker covers looked tired. (love the Ali roller rockers)
So off with them and out with the Hammerite spray.
The Lettering was sprayed over and then the paint sanded off with 15oo and a flat block in one direction.
Clear lacquer was applied with a cotton bud to the bare metal to seal it. Clear lacquer reacts with Hammerite, don't ask me how I know!!! lol.
Shame it has to go back under the bench for now. Oh well , not for long hopefully!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Detling Kit Car Show 2009

Had a lovely day out. Managed to grab a lift down to Detling in Kent with Chedz. His Rover powered Sumo had a wonderful growl to it.
It was comfy and warm! I will deffo be sticking my nose in under his dash to see his electric engine bay vent mod opperated by a cheeky little window switch!
We had a nice run down, 2 cars set off, Pete (sidecarbod) and Graham (Chedz), we then hooked up with a 3rd chap, Seb in his Sumo on the A3 in Guildford and picked up our 4th car, Jeff at clacket lane services. 4 cars thundering along was a great feeling. The skies tried to scare us away but we pushed on through and WON! Just makes me want to get mine on the road so badly.

Pete- Blue / Graham-black / Seb-stripes

Couldn't get a shot of Pete cos he was too busy speeding off trying to clock up some points. :)

4 Pilgrim Sumo's

The show was good but not heaving, so I had a chance to get a few bits to muck about with. Good place to buy stuff as most stuff is a lot cheaper than normal. Still spent more than enough though. :)