Thursday, 28 May 2009

On hold.

I now have to put it on hold till my funds start flowing the right way again. I was holding out hope for July... but that don't look likely.
So for now, not much more can happen till I re-save what I nearly had in January.
Down 8k :( Tough times but must keep positive.

Hay ho.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Fuel pump & filter.

Little update snippet.
Just been mucking about last week working out the fitting and location of the pump and filter.
I made a bracket up and am just awaiting some fixings to come in the post before I assemble it.

Following the right angle fitting to the tank problem, I found a local Racing supply store. Great place with plenty of bits n bobs, and things hard to find even online.
I took my hose and fitting into them, explained the problem and they found me a fitting. It was less than the speedflow site were asking! I will certainly be going back there!..... oh dear, lol
With the fitting solved I carried on with the pump and filter fitting. I had some sound proofing sheets from a previous project that I clad the ally bracket with to reduce any noise from the pump.Managed to hunt down some 60mm p-clips and a meter of 25mm fixing band that I cut to length and drilled to fix the filter. from CBS

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Fuel system planing

As I have the pump and filter sitting in a box and the tank on the floor, I thought I'd make a start on planing out how to plumb it all in.

Nearly straight away, I ground to a halt.The tank needs to fit further in but the hose fitting is sticking out too far so I need to find an alternative. One of these should do. Ker-ching!

I need to speak to GD as I think I may also have a little issue with the filler angle.

Monday, 4 May 2009

GD at Stoneleigh & Headrest solution (2009)

Having spoken to Andy about the new exhaust setup over the phone, I was very intrigued.
(The original GD underslungs. At the GD track day)

So here we have it. (sorry about photo quality.)

It's the same setup to the centre balance box then splits off to the sides. They have to fit a main silencer widthways after the split to bring the noise down, but the cherry bombs also look great.
Interesting how the IVA rules contradict themselves! The exhaust mustn't protrude more than 60mm past the body, yet side pipes are OK!?!?! Go figure..

I rather like the look, Mind you the factory built car did look absolutely stunning in a Ferrari Met silver!
Now the IVA headrest issue.
Personally I'm not keen on the look of the seat mounted head rests. but there is a legal IVA solution.
GD have had a new seat made that is a bit higher on the back (they call it the MK4 seat), Which fits just under the rear edge return. To be able to use the roll bar head rests, they must be no more than 50mm (not 100% sure) above the seat back. and the correct Diameter. (120mm I believe, but could be wrong there also). The headrests could be droped to the lowest hole in the bracket to achive this.

GD standard seatsNew Mk4 seats

This will only pass if the seat is not adjustable and fixed in a set position.

One little issue, Andy has planted the idea of Heated seats into my brain! hehe. Like the idea, but for aprox £90 per seat... for thought, and plenty of time to think as they will probably be the last thing to order.

Stoneleigh kit car show

I managed to get there for 11am and it was already heaving with more people coming.
Met up with Cobracol, a chap from the club who was selling some bits, so I bought a pair of reflectors off him.
Met a couple more people at the club stand and it was a good turn out with about 200 cob's.Polished Ali Krikham...... now that's just pornography!Had a great day. Managed to meet up with Robert, and bend his ear a bit more about engine setup and bits in general. Big help.
Bought a few more bits n bobs that I can work with right now.