Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's HERE!!

Well I finally got it.
Took a bit longer than the 8-10 weeks I was told, but they had a lot on and delays from suppliers knocked on.
Anyway, I was lucky enough the borrow a 7.5T truck from a firm I work for. It has a nice tail lift and I modified some scaff boards to clip on so I can roll the chassis on.
Didn't take any pictures as it was a rush to load up and drive 3 hours home to beat the rush hour. Didnt get pics unloading either as we were a bit busy holding it. lol
Can't get over how light it is. 1 person can lift the front while 2 can lift the back with all the running gear, less the engine of course. :P

The build wheels I took up with me were not in the best condition, I didn't realise this could be an issue as one had been attacked by the kerb monster and it made Andy and Paul's job very hard to set up the suspension geometry & tracking before I took it home.
GD kindly updated my Fuel tank to include some gates to prevent fuel starvation when cornering on a track. They also modified my filler pipe that was slightly out as it was one of the first batch with the Mk4.
Picked up loads of other bits, Exhaust system with the sexiest manifolds, oil cooler, hoses, roll bars, radiator & cooling bits.

Got 2 friends over to help unload, and we also shoe horned the engine in while we were there. Kind of had to so I could fit the chassis in and shut the garage door. lol
Happy days.