Tuesday, 29 June 2010


2 days before he was born, I got the brakes through.

330mm vented beasties on the fronts may be a little over kill but I plan to make them work for their money.

They should stop me.Using the ezbleed off the tyre pressure, I got all the system bled. Just need to wait for the pads to turn up to check the pedal feel.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

He beat me to it.

Our son "Harry" was born Yesterday morning. Mum is doing well after the op as he was bum first.
6lb 9oz

I had already put the IVA date back to the 8th July. Will see how things go, may need a bit longer.

Cheers Ryan, I deleted my last post cos it was a little confusing. ;)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Checking it over

Today was spent checking over some bits. Ran the engine up to temp, made sure the dials and instruments all worked and made sure the fans kicked in. When I was on the phone to GD, I asked them about the speedo, Andy knew roughly what my setup should read in 5th @ 1k rpm = 32mph. So I set about adjusting the speedo as it was reading 130mph on tick over in 5th, lol. just a little over. :P
I entered the number of 30000 that I was told and that was spot on. I will have to fine tune it on the day as that isnt the exact figure, more a ball park number. Also I'll try to adjust it so it reads a little over the true speed as there is less chance of a fail over reading speed than under reading.

Next I plugged up the EFI adjuster box to get familiar with the settings, 15mins later it starts to run rough. Noooo
Panicked I flick through the menus to see what I have unknowingly changed. It starts to cough, missfire and get worse. The throttle does nothing either... stopped the engine, try to restart... NOTHING!

That will be its first 5L of fuel gone then, LOL

Got my IVA date

Well, this will be an interesting month to say the least. IVA test date is 29th June, 6 days after baby due date. Bearing in mind, babies can be up to 2 weeks late.

Still waiting for my wheels to be made too.

Not ideal but no choice really, suck it n see.

Headrests are Wrong

Yesterday Andy phoned me for a change, lol. He had spotted my blog and saw the headrests I made up.
Unfortunately, they wont pass as they have to be "50 mm" from the top of the seat. I'm sure I read it to be 150mm, but re reading the IVA manual 50mm is correct. I'm sure they changed that a day after I made them.
That didn't go down well with my wife to who I told the second pair were right when we made them. Waste of a day really.

Anyway, GD will get some to me before my test date. Oh that came through the "ebay chute" this morning. 29th June. Gulp.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Clutch sorted

After a chat with Andy (again) he gave me a few ideas to raise the biting point off the floor. Last resort would have been a larger master cylinder. And that would have meant a heavier pedal.

I knew I had some float in the clutch fork and reduced this to about 1/2mm then wound a bit out of the pedal adjuster and reduced the spacers that the Master is mounted with. With the help of my younger brother, we managed to get a bit more air out of the slave cylinder. Now it is biting about 2/3 of the travel down. This is while on axle stands and watching the hubs turn. so could be a little higher on the road.
I think my bro shat himself when I told him to fire it up, as he was sitting there :P hehe

Anyway, the clutch pedal is a bit heavy but I have fitted a street Twin and that will be heavy. I would compare it to a truck clutch, heavy but manageable. Unless your a wimp with less meat on you than a butchers pencil.