Sunday, 27 February 2011

First load of Mod's

So 2011 is well and truly here.
Decided to get on with some tweaking. First was to fit my new "old" plates to the beast.
I got the plates made off ebay and just tucked the numberplate bar up inside the nose section. I also stuck a cobra badge on till I visit the factory to wind Andy up and let him replace it with a GD one maybe.
I could have gone with the ACC variant but wanted something different, someone at work told me of a site that does prefix plates by search
So a few afternoons of browsing, I found this for £250 + transfer & admin costs. Took a while as the fella who owned the plate had to MOT his vehicle to release the plate. No probs, it took over Christmas to get done and as I wasn't driving it I didn't mind.

Also lowered the suspension a little as I felt it was a little high.
Andy told me that the exact rough measurement between wheel and arch of 2 fingers at the front and 3 fingers at the rear. :)
Also 2 to 3 clicks of the shock settings all round for its run in period. Any more and the piston won't be allowed to bed in correctly.

Then I went about fitting the last bit of boot carpet that arrived after my IVA. This meant taking out the roll bars and cutting the roll bar hole into the last bit of carpet.
Laying the carpet in the boot and lining it up evenly, I chopped down one of my white chinagraph pencils so it fit into the mounting holes and marked the underside of the carpet.
Measure the roll bars and cut them out with my red circle cutter. (Good bit of kit that!)

Then a case of temp refitting the roll bars to align the holes and then glue it down.
Another thing that I spotted was the exhaust bobbin nut. It was digging into the boot floor carpet. So I made a hole in 2 bits of off cut and placed them over each nut.
Also took the headrests off. Like the look without for the time being.

Final thing was the silencers. They do make a nice burble, but I wanted a bit more roar. So I spoke to Andy and he made me some pipes that I swapped out for the silencers. Holy c&@p, it now sounds how I wanted it to!

I intend to do a little video drive and get some quality sound at some point. Lots of videos out there only to have the wind drown out the sound of a V8 in full song.