Saturday, 12 March 2011

Its first stay away from home, next to Grandad.

Well it wasn't planned..... I have a gremlin, I think with the fuel pump/evaporation as it doesn't like starting from warm. The pump was sat under my bench unsealed for a long while (same time as the engine but that was sealed and cranked over every 2 months.)
Spoken to a few people and amongst some other small issues I have with my EFI, this needs to be checked first. Rob has been greatly helpful with tips and bits to check as it was his old system. But I knew from the Dyno day that there was a little issue. Hence why Ken Coleman was going on at me about sticking a bloody carb on it. LOL
I wont be beaten easy.

Anyway, I went to see a mate about 30 min drive, and after an hour I went to start and it wouldn't have it. So his dad told me to wheel it round the back as he had some space in his garage and pick it up another day.It looked nice parked next to his AC Aceca! think I gave him a little push to get it restored! :)