Saturday, 7 May 2011

Made it to Stoneleigh!

The is just a brief, quick post to chuck a video up and a couple of pics.

My hot start issue has been resolved! The injectors were out of phase with the spark! the dizzy needed rotating 90deg to get it right and then reset the ht leads. I installed a new MSD Dizzy from the states and somehow managed to break off the center coil nipple and melt the hole shut which Wasnt noticed till the day before stoneleigh as we were trying to sort the timing on the new dizzy. No wonder it ran rough, surprised it ran at all.
So I refitted the cap from the old dizzy and seemed to get the timing sorted.

Bit the bullet the next day and tagged along with another cob for the drive up. I dont think I would have done the drive alone. Not that far.

I wil add more info at a later date as time is in short supply.

Enjoy the short vid.