Saturday, 29 October 2011

Rear suspension,

On the track day, both the rear adjusters came loose and one lost its grub screw. As I now have no idea where I had them set to nor where number 1 click would be, I gave Proshock a call and explained my problem to them.

His advice was to take a good one off the car, (Front) remove the springs and turn it 7 clicks or 180 from first click. Then get a feel for the force needed to compress the good one, on a bench or vice, and turn the dial shaft on the faulty one till you get the feel pretty close.
When happy the shock is the same, turn the shaft back 180 and this will be set as first click. repeat for the other rear and locktite the grub screws in.
I was lucky not to loose these bitsThe adjuster knob has a tiny spring and bearing, these were held in with a dab of grease and fitted with a little pressure to seat the bearing into the click ring.The chap at Proshock was willing to have them back and get them reset on their machine if I wanted. But I think I managed to get them pretty close as even what looks like 2 clicks was a noticeable change