Friday, 17 February 2012

Gearbox Mount made of poo

While the car is up on axle stands, I thought I'd top up the gearbox oil as it has has a little drip and some leaked out when installing. I had to use a jack against a spanner to undo the filler bolt. Jacking up against the spanner to undo the bung I witnessed the whole gearbox drop down and clonk the chassis once the thread of the bung broke loose! Weird I though, there was plenty of clearance when I installed the gearbox mount!?

On closer inspection, the mount had sagged 5mm, and this explains the clonking I sometimes got on deceleration!
 Cheap shite I didn't even think about when installing!

A little pressure added tightening using one finger on the vice handle squished it by 5mm

Above is where my gearbox sat on that mount
as you can see not much was needed to make contact.

After a bit of searching for poly mounts. I found one through Topspeed Automotive who managed to get one in in a couple of days! result!

You can just see, it rests nicely with enough clearance and as the mount is solid poly it doesn't compress anywhere near as much.