Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas 07 came early.

Yes I did treat myself.
Thanks to Robert offering his engine and gearbox for sale, I bit his arm off pending post accident damage.
Rob was ruining it as a 350ci, with his insane blower. Yep, nutter.
The engine was sent to Ken Coleman at EDA (Engine Data Analysis) for a check over.
After chatting to Ken, (he is a really nice chap and will bend over backwards to help). I decided to go ahead and have it stroked out and rebuilt to 383ci as I wanted a bit more standard power.
I decided to go with EFI rather than carb, as in my eyes fuel injection is the way forward and it was already there in Rob's garage for us to install and part of the deal.

Once it was rebuilt, Ken invited me up for its dyno run with Rob as he was there to set up the EFI for us when I arrived. Ken had it all running on carb.
First time with the EFI setup was a non starter as the fuel pump was dead. we found a replacement and then we found a couple of injectors were stuck/blocked so they had to be replaced as well as needing a new ignition amplifier module.
Poor Ken (a carb aholic) was cursing our EFI choice as he wasn't 100% familiar with it, but 100% dedicated to getting it running as sweet as it was with his carb setup.
He stuck with us though but we had to conceded defeat for today as it was a Saturday and too late in the day to get anything fixed or ordered.
I left for my long drive home, a little disappointed but happy to have had some experience fault finding alongside Rob and Ken. Huge eye opener! :)

I spoke to ken a few days later and all was running with a couple of new injectors.
3 Weeks later I managed to arrange to go up on a day off, hired a van as work didn't have one spare this time.

Hearing the beast run for the first time was a great feeling, then when he engaged the dyno machine, the deep rumble turned into a chest shaking roar as it mustered up all its soul to kick out roughly 440 ft/lb of torque and similar BHP in a car that will weigh about a Tonne! eek! :)
This was truly a great day. One I will remember until I run her again in the car on the road and Track.

I have a few more mods I want to add once its on the road to get some more power. But I will have to find out if its enough to make me shit myself first! Probably yes! :D lol