Monday, 26 October 2009

Bits I didnt know about.

As you may have read, I was trying to find what slave cylinder I needed.
Finding out that a chap close to me, Nick with a Dax, has a very similar setup. So i got in contact and popped over to stick my head in his bonnet for a good nose. He was hugely helpful and has even found a template he made for the slave bracket. I borrowed his engine lifting plate again, and also his modified stand to allow the fitting of the gearbox safely.... well.... you'll see.

I then found out what else I would need. I have spent the last few weeks finding out exactly what bits to get and where from. A pilot bearing is needed to fit the gearbox as this locates the gearbox shaft central to the engine crank, but as I have a Chevy Engine The standard pilot bearings take Chevy gearboxes. Mine is a ford gearbox, Tremec TKO600.
Speaking to a few companies here in the UK, not many were able to help as it wasn't the "norm".
Was getting rather fed up with the attitude that unless it was bought from them or I wanted to buy new, there was little they could help. The club was really helpful, I managed to speak to someone who asked me to take some measurements and then told me a part number that I'd need. For those in the same boat, Chevy to Ford Pilot Bearing = Lakewood 15975.

Edit: Here it is.
Now I needed to get bits together to make the clutch work. This needs a Clutch release bearing and one to fit my fork. As I have a McLeod Bell housing with a ford gear box, no one was able to give me any precise advice again...... yawn.... so it was a phone call to McLeod in the US. Once I had explained what I needed they gave me some item numbers. Woohoo. It turned out that a standard Ford TKO or T5 release bearing would work. As for the clutch fork, I ordered a new one as the one I have is a little damaged.

Edit: New ones arrived.

I will speak to GD when I pop up, as they might have something for the clutch slave issue.

Next I will need to find/borrow a Dial Gauge (DTI) to check the bell housing is 100% central to the crank shaft and in line with the flywheel.

Good job, I'm not waiting on fitting the engine.
Will put up some pics when the parts get here.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Twin clutch

Now that I have had it set up and shimmed by Real Steel I can get it ready to fit. When I picked it up, I was advised to give it a bit of a clean to clean off some of the rust. Taking note of where and how it had been shimmed, it was disassembled, cleaned and ready to fit.

Monday, 12 October 2009

The waiting game

Not much to report. Its been rather uneventful yet stressful at the same time. I managed to find a set of wheels off a Mercedes that I hope will fit while I'm still building. Cheap off ebay.
I couldn't find Ford Granada/Scorpio wheels anywhere and ideally they needed to be 16".
Also cleaned the garage floor that was coated in white rubbing compound and polish spray.

Next bit of fun is finding what kind of clutch slave cylinder I need to enable me to fit the gearbox to the engine ready to slip into the chassis. I have a rather unique set-up apparently, (McLeod Bellhousing, street twin clutch, Tremec TKO600 Gear box all fitted to a Chevy)
There isnt a slave designed to fit my bell housing that I could find apart from an internal one that's got a reputation for leaking. I have spent the last 4 weeks searching google, McLeod forums, speaking to UK V8 engine suppliers and posted loads on the cobra club. Lots of help from the club, but unfortunately the slave I was advised to use (Wilwood) is a pull type, opposite to what I need (Push type). This would mean a new clutch fork but these don't fit my bell housing meaning a new bellhousing and they aren't cheap..... So a bit of hair pulling. I had the twin clutch shimmed and checked by Realsteel as it was in a box with bits all mixed up.

I have just spoken to Andy at GD, and he informed me that my build is a bit behind due to steel supplier problems. I did tell them when I ordered that it was no real rush, so this little delay isn't a problem. I have waited 3 years so a few weeks aint gonna kill me. I'm going to pop up to see them next week and Andy said that I should bring my bellhousing with me. Hope he can help. I'm going to take a wheel as well just to check it'll fit ok.

Should really start to make room in the garage.