Saturday, 28 July 2012

Screen wash upgrade

For a long while, my friends dad wanted to make something for my car. He's a welder and was keen to help out with either the exhaust, roll bars or anything.

So as the plastic washer bottle was one of the things I didn't like the look of, I drew something up to match the coolant tank.

I was really impressed with what he made!
A curved mounting bracket is a must, as unlike the coolant tank bracket, this doesn't rely on the big hoses to hold it in place along with 2 screws and would wobble on a flat bracket by its self.

One problem was how to see the fluid level? Most places only stocked the black or grey plastic type. But I tracked down some plated swivel push fittings that take normal washer hose through my local hydraulics supplier.

When I drew you the tank, I requested thick wall sides as I was going to tap a thread in there but want sure which side. Only downside is the tank is a bit on the heavy side...
Drilled and tapped the 5mm stainless slowly and carefully not to brake the tap in there! 1/8 BSP I think.

On first fit, there isn't much hose there for a good visual level check, hmmm.....

This way looks quite sleek
I had to get GD to tweak the bracket a bit as my friends dad was unable to final fit due to ill health.

As the filler cap is the same as any rad cap, I had to remove the bottom sealing rubber to allow air in through the overflow tube during use.

All fitted and looks the bollox!
 Polished filler caps are from Summit Racing.


Andy said...

Nice one, that looks brilliant! Still working out what to do for mine.

Steve Hughes said...


Hope you don't mind but I've put a link to your build blog on my GD Cobra build website. I do user your website and I am about half way through my build. I will remove the link if you are not okay with this.


Steve Hughes
N. Yorkshire