Saturday, 21 April 2012

Traction Control....Really???

Don't get me wrong! The car is solid on the roads and track. My capabilities are surpassed by the cars abilities! I'm only doing it because I had acquired a RaceLogic Traction control system a while ago.
As its here, lets see what advantages it brings? If nothing else, it will mean more fun on the track. :-P

Because it wasn't essential to fit to get the car on the road, it stayed in a box.... Until now. ECU upgrade is an ideal time to fit it. Injectors had to be interrupted in the loom.

I will keep updates here as to how it performs. It wires up in paired injectors as its for a 6 cylinder setup. (2 wires left free) 
If only RaceLogic would upgrade it to 8 but it isn't possible apparently..... I'm not going to fork out £850 for a new unit!
If it works, I'll do an article for the mag as there are people fitting PAS but not this.. It could also save your cob. I have spent over 35K on this build and the addition of a safety net cant' be such a bad thing? But let's get it working first. :P

 As the New ECU wont fit in the old space, the TC does.
4 wheel sensors had to be fitted. There are spare holes in the front hubs and simple brackets were made. A max 2mm clearance is recommended!!
 Rears were aligned with the teeth on the drive shafts with simple brackets to the chassis.
 Same both sides
 The selector dial was renewed and using my favourite stuff (Dual-Lock....wish I had shares...) I mounted it on the Ali undertray. I can fix it like this or unhook it and lay it flat well out of sight. 

 Lots of bits everywhere as I have about 6 jobs going at the sane time. Oil filter spacer, coolant sensor, ECU, wiring, TC sensors, Dash leather tweak, couple of oil leaks to address......


As well as my wife saying "I thought the car was finished?" try explaining the difference of it being on the road and it being finished!

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