Saturday, 7 April 2012

coolant leak fixed

On one of my maiden drives post IVA, it was pointed out at a petrol station that my car was incontinent.....

Coolant was pissing out where the fan thermostat probe fits between the header tank and coolant hose. It was sealed with silicon but a few drives after IVA it gave out. Temporary fix was another hose clamp. That worked fine and a fix was added to the to-do list.
I bought a fixed temp switch (87c) at Stoneleigh and a hose joiner with fitting for the switch. I had to tap it out to take the thermoswitch and machine the face down so the switch head was in the flow of coolant. (Switch was 10mm deep thread, bracket mounting face with hole was 25mm thick) Machined the face down to 7mm and fitted it all in.

I did look at the Revotec variable type, but was put off by the extra wiring loom or modification needed to upgrade to it. This one was plug n play.

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