Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bit of a polish

Now its all back together, it needs a good clean and polish.

Using the green window cleaner and a microfibre cloth, I was able to clean the whole body streak free as it was raining outside. I found this quicker and better than water as it wasn't muddy nor really dusty. But it had finger marks and general indoor dust.

I then bought some Autoglym stuff at Halfords as they must have had a "shit summer lets get rid" sale on cleaning and polishing stuff.

 Using Super Resin Polish, then Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection did this!

Extra Gloss Protection left on over night.
buffed off....
Having used Zymol (Lovely banana smell to it) and having used some Carnauba waxes, I have found the Autoglym stuff to be a fair bit better. Lot less white residue and powdering to chase about. Not saying its miracle stuff just that there was a slight improvement with Autoglym.

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