Saturday, 16 June 2012

Still waiting for Sun

Its been a depressing wet summer!!
Should have built a fooking boat!

I have however managed to squeeze in the odd 3 hour slot over the past month when a bit of dry weather popped out and the wife took our toddler to see nanny.

Each time it was possibly a double "Log, email, tweak and try again" session. But we have now got quite a lot ironed out, close to the stage I can safely run the "VE Live AutoTune" function. where it will final tune its self as I drive!!! Cool eh!?

This experience tells me that those Self learning auto tune EFI systems are Bollox. Mine was initially running so rich that it couldn't lean it out that much by its self as it was off the gauge. You need to get the basic settings right for things to auto adjust.

Anyway, Back to Goggling Sun dances & chants....

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