Saturday, 24 March 2012

Oil catch tank & Filter spacer.

As it was out of action and I awaited some bits to arrive, I decided to take a look at my catch tank. Oil was being blown onto the rocker cover and alternator. I soon realised there was nothing inside to collect any vapour, no baffles, nothing! So most of it was going in and straight out.

 Using some scraps I had laying about getting hooked and caught on things, I Heath Robinson'ed it! Bit of hose to direct the vapours away from the outlet. I could have used stainless scouring pads instead. I'll see how this works for now.

 Time will tell.

Next was the Oil cooler spacer plate. The oil cooler supplier sent me the wrong one origionaly but I made do as it worked. But it mounted the oil filter about 5mm from the exhaust. Pull exhaust off to remove filter!!! Not great but I wrapped it in insulation to get me past the IVA. Anyway, some months later and plenty of emails chasing it with break down in communication between themselves, GD eventually gave them a kick and I got the correct one through.

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