Saturday, 31 March 2012

Slack leather.

As things settle and move during shake down drives (first 500-1000 miles in my eyes), a couple of things have niggled me. One was the passenger side of the dash. After a crisp winter I noticed some ripples had appeared.
 I tried to moisten it and shrink it with a heat gun but that didn't work. So, as I have had to pull it out to get the ECU bits done, I decided to tackle this. I had to pry the leather off the glued bit with a sharp blade.

Pull the ripples out by adding a bit more tension and re glue. Bit of a pain, but no more ripple niggles (try saying that fast :-P )

The gear shift gaiter was the next niggle, I had used the screws to hold the leather in place, but one side came loose and I could see a bit of gearbox.

So I glued the leather to the stainless.

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