Friday, 27 February 2009

Few tips on Polishing

A couple of people have asked about polishing.
It took me a while to find out what to do so I will try and help with what info I found and learnt.

My local supplier:
Unit E
Ash Road Industrial Estate
151 Ash Road
GU12 4DB

Tel: 01252 313141

A couple of good links:

Farecla's Site.

Farecla Polishing how to.
Getting my head round polishing.

(This is what I did. It may not be correct or the proper way, but it worked for me.)
There are other compound manufacturers out there and Farecla do other stuff apart from the G3 and G10 I used.
I found 2 bottles of G3 and 2 Compounding mops enough. With the mop wet, a circle of compound around the hear should give you about a 1 to 2 square foot working area I found.
The mops will catch on edges and holes and wear away in a shower of foam dust.
Spoke to the Farecla bods about this and they stated "As long as the mop is kept wet and the yellow foam/plastic part of the mop doesn't contact the body it will still work fine."
Goes without saying, Keep em clean from dust and filings.
New mop left, used mop in the middle and Polishing mop right.Once a nice shine is achieved you will probably find some bits you missed after you clean it all down. So back to covering everything in white spray again.
Once happy, break out the G10 with the correct mop. no water is needed (Apparently but I used a little) just don't let it friction burn. These mops are quite soft and don't need much pressure. the weight of the machine should be enough. I used half a G10 bottle and 1 head but have not completed an all over G10 polish yet.

Now be prepared to get covered.

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